No more SlaglePod6000

My iPod is no more. It croaked last week, probably after taking one to many spills at the gym (I thought that's what those freakin' protective cases were for!). I guess I got a lot of use out of it in 3 years, but I still expected to hold onto it for a little while longer. So, basically this sucks.

My options? According to the Mac Genius, I can shell out 129.95 for a replacement of the exact same model (a 30GB iPod) or 10 percent of any iPod at the Apple Store (I would probably lean toward the 80GB iPod classic -- which, with the discount, would run me about $225. Not bad I guess...)

Nonetheless, I'll miss SlaglePod6000, we had some good times. It'll be on to SlaglePodII or SlaglePod8000 now... haven't quite pinned down the new name yet...


Mike_R said...

have you seen this?

might help.

Ronson said...

I actually haven't seen this -- I'll check it out. Thanks, Mike!