Does someone need a new online art director?

(From the offices of CNN.com):
Hey boss! We need some art to go with this story about how depressed women shop. Do we have any photos of sad women shopping? Oh wait, never mind! I just found a picture of an ugly Meg Ryan lookalike from the 80s with crimped-out hair and a sweet acid wash jean jacket. She isn't technically sad, but she looks kinda sad. Maybe if I Photoshop in a random friend for her. Hmmm... she's wearing sunglasses and seems really happy. Maybe she's blind. Yeah, that'll be fine. Now we need a locale for these lovely ladies. Not a shopping mall...how about a random labyrinth of bricks? That's the stuff.

Annnnd publish!

– My guess is that the people behind this decision did some serious shopping after work. Thanks to Sue for spotting this and the ugly Meg Ryan riff...

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