100-word Project Runway recap: Episode 10

This show is still on? Oh yeah. Let's go:

Opening. Jillian doesn't want the finals to be a sausagefest. Rami and Christian mock Ricky.

Challenge. Model Jacyelene is out!!!!! Anyway, the next project is to design outfit for a wresting "diva" from the WWF (er, WWE). Sweet P picks some weird fabric, then acts wrestler-like to defend it. Then she loses to Christian in a fun (but sad) arm wrestling match. It is the first of many times Christian congratulates himself.

Judges. Chris ponders how they’ll be judged whilst in a muumuu. Things almost go back to normal, however Rami tanks and Chris excels. Chris beats out Christian in another upset. And Ricky is finally booted for his random swimsuit design.

Next week: It's the shock of all shocks: Jillian, Rami and Christian get tossed out of the competition, which means it Chris vs. Sweet P squaring off at Bryant Park. Sweet P dazzles with her haphazard biker (I guess??) vision, but Chris gets to use all-male models and puts on a drag show for the ages. However, in one final twist, Project Runway randomly decides to bring back Victorya who wins it all with her collection of designs ripped off of the other contestants. Curse you, Victy!


David Dust said...

No - not Victorya!!

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Ronson said...

I know - I think that "Next On" came from a nightmare...