Taking down your Christmas tree: 3 easy tips

1) Try not to wait 23 days before completing this task.

2) Try to avoid doing whatever I did here:
And Detail:

Supplemental tip: Invest in hardwood floors. Getting pine needles out of carpet is a real pain in the ass.

3) Listening to Christmas music while performing this task should obviously be avoided, but also try to stay away from the music of Leonard Cohen, specifically the song "Famous Blue Raincoat." Talk about a downer.

Thanks for learning!


pamela said...

FYI: a lint roller works magic on needles out of carpet problem.

Ronson said...

That's a great idea -- way better than my failed dustpan clean-up plan.

Thanks, Pam! For that tip you win the coveted Ronsonville Commenter of the Week Award -- and believe me, competition was heated...

pamela said...


Do I get some sort of certificate?

Ronson said...

Perhaps - You may also get coupons to various Ronsonville businesses, so next time you stop by, you can live it up!