100-word Project Runway recap: Episode 9

Well, the field's finally been narrowed a bit. We're down to seven. Here's this week's challenge:

Opening. Mindless Victorya keeps calling Sweet P "Kit." Ricky thinks the judges hate him.

This week's sponsor Levi's wants the designers to make a denim look. Whoopie. It’s a dull challenge, so everyone picks at everyone's quirks: Christian is cocky, Chris talks to himself, Victorya cheats. The usual. It gets pretty catty which is great, because, again, there's not much to this challenge.

No more immunity! It’s dumb anyway. The judges love Rami, Christian, and - surprisingly - Ricky (who cries) and Sweet P. And their outfits were good! Not so much Jillian and Victorya. Ricky pulls off the upset. The judges see right through Victy's lazily made dress and she gets the ax. Feels good.

Next week: Six designers? Yeesh, let's give Sweet P, Ricky and Chris one more chance to step things up and go to Fashion Week already!


Gina said...

I've decided all Christian's designs are nods to his crazy hair - with their angles and swoops. Everything he touches looks like it's been Aquanet-ed.

Watching Ricky cry through the entire episode was fun, though I felt like it was a charity win before they boot his ass off.

Paul said...

Did anyone else notice the height difference when Ricky was standing next to his model on the runway? The camera could barely keep them in the same frame.

Either she's like 7 feet tall or Ricky is about 5 feet tall...she had a good foot and a half on him.

Ronson said...

Ricky and Christian always seem to be dwarfed by their models (even when they were 16-year-old girls). I imagine they're probably pretty tiny dudes. Despite the win, I think the bell will toll for Ricky next week.

And I definitely agree that Christian's hair is a window into his design...and his mood. The weeks that he's in the bottom two, it gets crazier...