What's been goin' on?

Hey! I've been away. But now I'm back!

What we've missed these past couple of weeks:

- According to the New York Times, Iowa is being saturated by campaign ads, and it's true. I was there.

- A bunch of people have released Best Albums of 2007 lists. Mine is coming. Soon! I promise! I'm scared cuz I think Rolling Stone, Blender and I have the same #1 album...Blender. Eek.

- Gina apparently bought a scooter. Vrrooom!

- Paul posted on his blog! (but don't get too excited).

- And last, but certainly not least, my most excellent girlfriend got me an acoustic guitar for my birthday! Thanks to a DVD, I've pretty much mastered the power chords.

And that's it! Happy 2008!


Gina said...

That photo is awesome. It looks like you were really captured at the height of your surprise.

Ronson said...

Yeah, I'm like a kid at Christmas. Only it was over a week before Christmas....annnnd about 2 in the afternoon. Guess I shoulda showered first. :)

Paul said...

Why you gotta hate on my blog, Ronson?

So what if I didn't update it for a month and when I did, all I did was post a picture of a palm tree. It's not a like it was a lazy post, and it's not like all of my posts are lazy.

Oh, wait...

Ronson said...

I loved that palm tree! I wanted to share it with everyone!