100-word Project Runway recap: Episode 5

Just because I'm recapping the year in music, doesn't mean I'm not giving up on PR. Here we go, another crazy ep:

Opening. Gratuitous missing of Chris.

Challenge. Make an outfit for women who lost megaweight, designed with materials from their former favorite outfits. Steven gets stuck with a wedding dress. He's not the strongest designer, so he's screwed.

In a shocking twist, Jack gets an infection and leaves the show. Unfortunate way for a talented designer to go. In a classic "make-up-the-rules-as-we-go" move, PR brings back Chris to "maintain high competition." Yyyyyeah. He has to stay up all night and makes a sailor outfit.

Judges. Christian wins. Oh boy - wouldn't want to deal with him that night. Steven abandons the wedding dress almost entirely – it’s seen as a cop out. Dude can't win. He's out. No surprise, but a sucky way to have to go...

Next week: That's the holiday break, y'all. Take a rest. If you find yourself missing the show, create your own PR-style drama by criticizing the fashion of your relatives...

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