100-word Project Runway recap: Episode 4

This challenge was tough to summarize in 100 words, so hopefully this recap makes sense. I also drop a lotta names, so I've linked them up in case you need a refresher. It's on now:

Challenge. Nina tells the gang they’ll each pick from some “fashion don'ts” (overalls, shoulder pads) and, in teams of three, turn them into a “fashion do” collection.

The Ricky/Victorya/Elisa combo gets the spotlight. Drama unfolds between Ricky (sucky team captain) and Victorya (passive-aggressive weasel). Ricky speaks to Elisa in a special way so she can understand. Seems condescending, but she’s into it, so whatever.

Judges. Ricky's team blows it. Shock! Jillian's overall-themed collection wins. She switches from timid to Christian-style ├╝berconfident. Christian's team falls to 2nd, causing his hair to get even crazier.

But Team Captain Chris gets the boot for his wacko shoulder pad jacket. Hope he drops a few pounds by the reunion special – we’re concerned.

Next week: The designers are shocked as their models are replaced by sea lions for the remainder of the season. The sea lions will be competing for a spread in Elle magazine and a bucket of fish heads. And Ricky finally gets kicked off, only because he runs out of jaunty biker hats to wear.

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