The 100-word Project Runway recap, Episode 3

Yep, I've fallen behind. I blame my digital cable box, which blew up last week, so I'm playing catch up. Here's the ep from two weeks ago and this week's episode should be up sometime this weekend:

Opening. We learn that Jack is HIV-positive. OK.

Challenge. "Today show correspondent" Tiki Barber needs a outfit. Hubawha? Tiki's a guy. A big guy. The designers will still be judged as cruelly as if they were in their comfort zone. This challenge freaks people out, so everyone swears at each other. Finally!

Judges. Jack wins, though he only designed two pieces and swiped the pattern for his pants from his pants. The losers get verbally smacked around. Although Sweet P's outfit is the most messed up, she's safe. Ricky gets unfair abuse – at least his stuff looked like clothes. In the end, man-sounding Carmen gets the boot. Apparently, you need to make a shirt.

Next week: Elisa freaks after she sees Tim Gunn wearing a short-sleeve shirt and showers for 6 hours while screaming "I can only see my man like that!" Kevin asserts that he's straight 14 more times. And the rest of the designers desperately develop "a thing" so that they can be distinguished from the rest of the group. For example, Jillian starts wearing an eye patch.

That's it folks -- let's hope I get caught up this weekend...

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David Dust said...

LOL for your predictions about "next week" - which I recapped yesterday.

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Elisa is STILL showering...