Respect my (and your) authority!

Sometimes when I take random swipes at pop culture, I notice an occasional bump in my views. Most recently while checking my site's views, I was surprised to find people checking out my leftfield rant about HBOVoyeur through this site called Technorati.

Eek. It wasn't even all that well written. Ummm, my excuse is that I just felt like I hadn't posted in a while, and since this unusual item had a couple web sites I could link to, I figured, "eh, what the hell."

I'm not even sure how many people read Technorati, (I didn't even know this site existed until I ended up there) but I think what was most fascinating was the "Authority rating" I was given: 6. A whopping six? Out of what, 100? Hey!

Well, I did some poking around and it turns out some of my fellow friends/bloggers are also on this site with varying Authority ratings. My uncle Mark has the most authority with a rating of 20, followed by Gina with Authority Rating 10, then Kelly with a 9. Kari and I tied with 6 (whew, no awkward Authority rank talk at the dinner table) and, sorry Paul, but you're at a 4 right now. I have high hopes for a boost in Paul's authority though, as he's been stepping up his posting lately.

So, if you wonder how much authority your blog has as assigned by a random Web site, now you'll know! Check it out!


Dan said...

dude, i can't believe i wasn't on there. i checked and i do have a login from years ago... working on my ranking now. watch out!

Paul said...

I saw some people on there with authority ratings in the thousands, so I'm a little behind with my 4. I hope to get into double digits soon, though.