Health freak

When did I get on this health kick? I'm not so sure. At 25, I ate fast food for lunch and dinner and exercise consisted of remembering how much I exercised a lot for a few years in Jr. High and hoping that would last me through my 20s.

A year later I cut out every meat except fish and two years ago I got a gym membership and now work out around 3-4 times a week. I rarely question why I started to do this, but occasionally something will pop up and I'll think "wow, some people consider this newsworthy." Or maybe they've just run out of lifestyle things to write about.

For instance, today MSN had this big "focus on vegetarians" thing on their site (I usually just check this stuff out after I log out of my e-mail). The "Are Vegetarians Healthier?" question is pondered as well as the "What's In A Veggie Burger?" question -- both semi-interesting reads.

The short answers? "Yes (kinda)" and "Good stuff with weird names. And chewy soy, which admittedly sounds kinda scary."

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