Last week, I fell victim to two illnesses: A nasty cold and trendy consumerism.

"Look! It's like those little "S'mint" things!"

"Check out that sweet packaging! It's bursting! Probably what it'll be like when I try one!"

"It offsets the drudgery of having a cold with the joy of having a mint!"
These are probably the thoughts that I had (that I've since blocked out) when my mind turned to mush and I spent a couple bucks on the above product. For the record, it does momentarily provide relief to the cough I've had (although you have to pump about 2 or 3 to have any sort of lasting effect). And you get it all with an apple-mint taste. Sound disgusting? Yeah, it is. Kari described the taste best when she likened it to the fluoride treatments you get at the dentist. Deeeeeelish.


Kari said...

I actually compared the taste to the gross flavored toothpaste that dentists would always offer to me as a kid. Like, "So, grape or apple-mint today?" Whatever you call it, it still tastes like gross dentist toothpaste! (Flouride is also gross, but definitely in its own flavor category.)

Ronson said...

Yeah, I think I was confused.

At the dentist in Iowa, we used to have this weird "fluoride treatment" at the end of our checkups. It involved putting this flavored goo on these little foam things and biting down on them. Then they'd stick a tube in your mouth to suck out the excess goo. This was usually a fifteen minute process. Nonstop goofest.

I think they flavored it to make the experience more tolerable, but seriously it made me wanna puke every time.