Off to Austin...

Things have been quiet in Ronsonville and for good reason -- I'm gearing up for my trip to Austin this week to check out the SXSW music festival. SXSW is sort of an intense experience for any music fan: five days of music-related events and shows from bands covering the entire frickin' planet. I'm not sure what to expect, but initially I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and anxious about missing something or not getting into a venue to see someone that I'd be really excited to see.

I'm expecting some of bigger acts might put on a good show. I guess the only way they're "big" is in terms of buzz though. I've represented them w/ my lovely collage above (from top to bottom: a clip from Peter Bjorn and John's addictive video and song "Young Folks," Damon Albarn-led The Good, The Bad, and The Queen (apparently Paul Simonon was in a bar fight shortly before this photo was taken), Bloc Party and Lily Allen). The Stooges will be there too, but I fear there might be a little too much from their newest effort, the unStoogesworthy "The Weirdness."

Right now I'm taking the a more laidback approach to the whole event, hoping to see a couple of decent artists and stumble onto a few new ones. I'm also scheduled to write a story about the whole thing for Louisville right now (longish story), so I'm excited to get all journalistic while I'm out there too.


Anyway, I'll send some updates throughout the week from Austin to this blog if I'm not completely crazed. Maybe even some photos and videos if I'm feeling saucy. So check back soon!


Jessica K said...

My boyfriend played South by Southwest last year; apparantly it's not the best thing for local bands since there's 1,000 more famous bands running around and everyone wants to see them, so no one goes to your show.

But -- if you see Condition of Sale or Dax listed on any of the schedules, you know someone who knows their ex drummer!

Gina said...

I'm so jealous you're going to see Lily Allen. Send me pics from your phone.