Top 25 songs of 2006, 25 to 16

In what's sure to be some of my more ambitious posts yet, I'm going to attempt to rank 25 of my favorite songs of 2006. The six people/editors of Ronsonville have compiled their lists, and this is what we've come up with.

Here's the criteria: Any song that was released in the calendar year 2006 (which means my favorites from late 2005 can't count. Sorry, Boris and Art Brut) and I have to have heard it. That's it. Whether it was a single or not is largely unnecessary. Sounds good, right? Here we go starting with 25 to 16:

Song • Artist (Album)

25. Chasing Cars • Snow Patrol (Eyes Open)
Slow build? Check. Huge chorus? Check. "I Give Up" lyrics? Oh yeah. It's another Snow Patrol hit!

24. Calling Me • The Rapture (Pieces Of People We Love)
Why did everyone stop liking indie dance music this year? Kinda depressing. Fortunately, nobody told The Rapture. Although this song is more eerie and rock-oriented than most Rapture tunes, it's still catchy and pretty frickin' great.

23. Dear Mr. Supercomputer • Sufjan Stevens (The Avalanche)
One of the leftovers from Illinois, this song stands out for two reasons: 1) Woodwind flurry and 2) Awesome (maybe too obvious?) Beatles ref.

22. Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then) • The Decemberists (The Crane Wife)
While the new Decemberists CD is best listened to in one giant chunk, this is my personal favorite song from the set. The harmonizing and call-and-response are nice, but it's the unexpected chorus that has me hitting the replay button.

21. Dirtywhirl • TV on the Radio (Return To Cookie Mountain)
I knew TV on the Radio weren't going to disappoint me again (not a fan of 2004's Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes) when I heard "Dry Drunk Emperor" earlier last year. Dirtywhirl is a great example of the goodness of coming from Cookie Mountain, a cyclical, catchy rhythm...and sleigh bells.

20. Blue Day • The Heartless Bastards (All This Time)
While "All This Time" showcases a softer side of the Heartless Bastards, I'm a huge fan of this song, which almost sounds like it came off their first album. It's really a toss-up between this and lead-off track "Into The Open," which I think best shows off the Bastards' newly discovered versatility.

19. The First Vietnamese War • The Black Angels (Passover)
Black Grease may have the hook, but I was really sold on the Black Angels on the power of this song, which sounds like the lead singer from Clinic fronting the Jesus and Mary Chain. Fortunately it's the best of both.

18. Ya'Meen • Method Man (4:21...The Morning After)
Method Man has probably done enough corny movies and UPN TV shows to sully his reputation for good. I think he's got a few good raps left, as evidenced in his 2006 disc, mostly about how he's mad at critics and ready to take his rap career seriously again. At the top of the list is this track, which has an infectious chug while Meth spouts how he's "the one shot killa one shot killin' it." Did I also mention that this is the year I discovered the power of a great gym song?

17. I Should Have Know Better • Yo La Tengo (I Am Not Afraid Of You...)
In a disc bookended by epic 10-minute drones, I prefer this 3-minute energetic mini-drone from Yo La Tengo's latest. The vocals are understated and a perfect match to the music. I can only imagine that this song is amazing live.

16. Living Proof • Cat Power (The Greatest)
Cat Power is one of those artists that I really like, but can only get into when I'm in certain moods (read: depressed). Fortunately, "The Greatest" explores a ton of other emotions, like on this song which comes off as soulful and, dare I say, happy.

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Anonymous said...

I love "Yankee Bayonet"! I almost put it on my winter mix CD but I chose "Sons and Daughters" instead.