Current obsessions...

Obsession on some of these things might be too strong a word. Also, be warned that some of these links take you off to fancy, Flash-lovin' Web arenas. Fascinating stuff, I'm sure...


Stranger Than Fiction
For Your Consideration
Harold & Maude

HBO (just got it a week ago and I'm watching it all the freaking time)
I'm Alan Partridge

New seasons of:
The Office
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
The Simpsons

70s-era Stevie Wonder (Music of My Mind, Talking Book, Innervisions)
Richard Hell
Best of 06 (Tapes 'n Tapes, Beck, Thom Yorke, Black Angels, Boris, Lupe Fiasco)
MF Doom (in various incarnations)
The What It Is! box set (on my wishlist...)

"Fast Food" burritos (various places, except Qdoba)
"Fake bacon" BLTs
UDF Reeses Peanut Butter Cup deep freezes
The search for the perfect trail mix

Lemon-lime Gatorade
Pibb Xtra
Amber Bock
Gin and Tonic
Hosmer SangrĂ­a

Coffee Emporium
Shake It Records
The Comet
The Northside Tavern
The Southgate House

- Get a handheld video camera, make stupid movies
- Actually update Ronsonville: The Web Site
- Create a new comics-based adventure/romp
- Post more interesting things on this blog than just a list of things I like (impossible?)


Gina said...

I threw up lemon-lime Gatorade this morning at the gym. You might want to rethink your obsession with it.

Ronson said...

Oh, I know a little bit about getting sick off Gatorade...and yet I'm still drawn to it...kinda weird...maybe I should switch to the blue flavor...


Kari said...

Did you watch Harold and Maude on HBO? Great movie, though odd obsession. I once gave a friend that movie as a Christmas present. It was one of those I-don't-know-what-to-give-her gifts ... the answer is always a copy of Harold and Maude, obviously!! I think she was weirded out.

Ronson said...

Good story -- not really an obsession, (like I said in my disclaimer in the beginning) but I did watch it recently. It's the type of movie that poses a ton of questions...

Jessica K said...

Ronson, you've been obessed with Target since ... how long have I known you? At least 2002, which is right around when I remember you flipping out when you found I had *gasp* never visited one.


Ronson said...

Verrry true, Jessica. Might wanna throw Target on my "all-time weird obsessions" list.

That's a pretty great memory, I'm sorry I badgered you about Target! It is and remains, however, America's Saving Place. Or is that Big Lots? I can never remember...