New Feature! The 100-word Project Runway recap!

And away we go with last night's thrilling ep:

Heidi reveals worst surprise ever: Vincent and Angela are back. If they win (yeah, right), they're back in the competition. Wouldn't it have been nice to see someone with talent?

Black and white dress challenge. Even more cruel: You must use all of your fabric. Architect Woman freaks out. New baby hormones?

Architect Woman and Michael do fine. Though she freaked, Architect Woman wins. Shock: Vincent and Angela do terribly. They're out (again). Uli and Tattoo Neck do the same thing they always do. Kayne chooses not to follow the very basic rules of the challenge, designing a black dress. Bye-bye, Kayne!

Next week: Heidi tortures the designers by making them design with their arms tied behind their backs. What a twist!

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Gina said...

Kayne getting kicked out totally wrecked my standings in the Project Runway pool. If only I hadn't had to make my picks before he got into his "Vegas-phase."