Christmas Alfreakingready?

Christmas comes early for fans of Sufjan Stevens this year. A 5-CD box set of Christmasy music is coming on November 21st. I'm a little late to the party -- apparently these tracks have been circulating for awhile. Anyway, this should be a perfect collection for either those looking for a little extra depression this holiday season or those who feel that the banjo has been wholly underused in the history of Christmas tunes (that would be me).

For those more concerned with music happening right now, it'll be a big shopping day for me on September 12, with new releases from The Rapture, TV on the Radio and Yo La Tengo. Goodbye, disposable income!


Gina said...

Um, Ronson. Excuse me. But you forgot to mention that you'll also be picking up JT's new release, Future Sexx/Love Sounds next week. I know you love the first single SexyBack(Hair).

And I'm just gonna go ahead and assume you got Beyonce's B-Day today. Lemme know when you're done - I'd like to rip it from you.


Kelly said...

I have three of those EPs, and the songs are lovely.

My favorite is "That Was the Worst Christmas Ever!" Really, Sufjan? Was it? Because you sing so prettily about it.

Ronson said...

Yeah, I would recommend grabbing the best songs from Beyonce and JT from itunes and passing on the filler. Timberlake's new one sounds like it might be promising, but that title is Lame Ass/Super Dumb.

And thanks for making me ponder what sexy backhair would look like. I won't be able to eat lunch now...