Maybe this is why TV is so confusing to me

So they just announced the Emmy noms this morning. It seems like a lot of the nominees are for shows that are going off the air (West Wing, Arrested Development, Six Feet Under, Huff) and a couple of shows that have barely been on the air (The Comeback, The New Adventures of Old Christine). And then there's this curious amount of love for Two and a Half Men. Seriously? The show should be banned from participation by its name alone.

As always, a few shows I actually like are nominated as well (The Office and Curb Your Enthusiasm -- the only two shows I watch with any regularity). So clearly the Emmy Nominating Committee Deal People and I see eye to eye on a few things. Maybe I'll start watching Two and a Half Men and loving it. Holy crap, what am I saying...? Ugh, see what I mean?

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