What I learned from Soylent Green

Ya know, I don't talk about movies enough on here (mostly it's all about music. Obscure music). So I'm gonna start talking about the movies I've watched lately too. I finally finished Soylent Green last week and I have a few fun facts that sum it up -- just in case you never have any desire to see this film...

1. New York City in 2022 is gonna suck.

2. It's Edward G. Robinson's last movie. Really, he's the highlight of the whole thing. He eats...a lot!

3. A recent Simpsons episode (Million Dollar Abie) parodied the Old People Death Device used in this movie.

4. The Riot Controlling Scooping Machine is too funny to be terrifying. Also blood is really, really red in the future.

5. It's people!

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